Aurora 4pc Bedding Set
Aurora 4pc Bedding Set Aurora 4pc Bedding Set Aurora 4pc Bedding Set

The Aurora 4-piece nursery set features 4 beautifully coordinated and complementary pieces, consisting of a quilt, a 100% cotton fitted sheet, a dust ruffle, and a large decorative wall decal.


Chic and sophisticated, the Aurora collection is built around a classic patchwork quilt of luxurious fabrics, lace, velvet, woven chenille, bordered with a piece of opulent woven gold fabric and lace ruffle. The soft cotton fitted sheet is a classic ogee pattern in gold and blush while the bed skirt is a tailored drop of gold-bordered in pink velvet. The large nursery wall decal allows you to create a gorgeous mural of silhouetted branches and the words ‚You Are So Loved‚ in gold, using self-stick, reusable decals. This is the perfect set to complete your little girl's nursery. Coordinating items are available.